In the UK, qualified commercial divers are specialists that work across many industry sectors that include Oil & Gas, Telecoms, Salvage, Shipping, Utilities, Ports, Harbors, Rivers, Canals and also in support of many renewable projects.

All Commercial Divers in the UK are required to undergo extensive and highly regulated training at an HSE approved and monitored Diver Training Centre.  All Commercial diver training is highly focused on Health & Safety.

As all diving operations need to be Supervised by competent and qualified personnel, the Association introduced a certification scheme for Diving Supervisors that requires extensive preparatory study followed by a challenging multi topic exam paper.


ADC Supervisors Scheme

The ADC Inland/Inshore Diving Supervisors Scheme, was set up in 2000 by the Association, to improve the quality and broaden the understanding of the importance of the role of the Diving Supervisor and to assist with the on-going development of Supervisors.


The certificate is seen by the industry as an indication of competence.

These certificates are only issued by ADC.


The ACoP requires that the Diving Contractor appoints a Diving Supervisor that they consider to be competent.

The ADC Supervisors scheme was set up as a way of assisting Diving Contractors in establishing the competency of persons they are considering appointing as a Supervisor.

The presence of a valid ADC Supervisor Card indicates that the holder has demonstrated a broad range of knowledge across all aspects of the skills that may be required on an Inland / Inshore dive site by studying for, sitting and passing the exam.

The Supervisor certificate only remains valid if the holder completes Continuous Professional Development (CPD) on an annual basis.  This is to ensure the certification is not held by persons who can no longer demonstrate a current awareness of the challenges of supervising on an inland/inshore diving site.


The Association does not regulate but recommends ADC Certificated Supervisors.  However the prime responsibility for appointing the Diving Supervisors they consider to be competent, remains with the contractor.