Membership of a recognised trade association can be advantageous to your business in that it defines the standard to which a company operates.  In addition to the benefits it receives by way of support services and documentation.


ADC Membership demonstrates your commitment to safe and professional standards.


ADC supports and encourages best practice, Members agree to and abide by certain principles and standards.




If you work in commercial diving you are already part of a very interesting and diverse industry.


Membership gives you access to a whole host of benefits and opportunities, guidance & support and connection to others in the industry who hold a lifetime of expertise.


Members have unique access to valuable information covering current legislation and industry specific guidance.


The ADC Board meets regularly throughout the year, our general member meetings are popular events that provide a platform for opinions and for the discussion of current legislation or changes within the industry as a whole.  We also hold an annual AGM featuring prominent guest speakers.


Benefits of membership include:


  • A forum for meeting with likeminded companies and industry professionals to discuss matters of common interest.
  • Access to good practice guidance, including regular updates, with opportunities for input into the drafting and development process.
  • Briefing notes on technical issues, regulatory developments, and other event summarised by a monthly bulletin and regular newsletter.
  • A completely anonymous and up-to-date safety alert system, which relays information on lessons learnt from incidents.
  • Access to model format and guidance documents available for download from the ADC website.
  • Regional meetings, which provide UK wide and regional updates and a forum to tackle local issues.
  • Annual General Meeting which includes updates from HSE
  • Wide recognition of the ADC diving supervisor scheme
  • Stay up to date with safety and compliance issues.
  • Members receive discounts on exhibit space at industry events.
  • Company listing on the ADC Website with contact details and link to your website.
  • Access to a wealth of knowledge from other individuals dedicated to the safety and promotion of commercial divers.
  • Keep up with developments and changes in the diving sector