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Join ADC

UK ADC Ltd seeks to actively promote the common interests of diving contractors and others associated with commercial diving, as well as seeking improvements in health, safety, environmental and technical standards through various means including publication of guidance notes, the issuing of safety alerts and keeping members appraised of regulatory developments.

The Association will seek to promote industry best practice by developing and distributing guidance documents.

ADC continues to make effort to extend the membership to more organisations involved in Inland / Inshore diving activity and will continue with presentations to client bodies and other third party organisations to increase awareness.

UK ADC Ltd will assist with advising those involved in the industry but not part of the Association, that membership of a recognised trade association can be advantageous to their business in that it defines the standard to which a company operates, in addition to the benefits it receives byway of support services and documentation.

The Association actively promotes the specialist insurance scheme for Inland / Inshore Diving companies operated by The Underwriting Exchange.

Monthly Updates are distributed to all Members.