ADC Supervisors CPD requirements

As in most industrys, Continued Proffessional Development (CPD) helps you to stay competent, knowledgeable, up to date and allow you to learn new skills in your industry and area of work.

ADC’s CPD’s are accessible online, by Supervisors and Members.

Your CPD obligations as an ADC Supervisor

  • Complete an annual CPD by logging into the ADC website with your Supervisor Log ins

  • Complete a short assessment every 5 years. 

ADC regularly audits Supervisors records to check compliance and is at liberty to remove ADC Supervisor certification if CPD’s have not been completed for two consecutive years.

When planning on completing your CPD, allow time to ensure all relevant information has been understood and reflect on what has been learnt and how this knowledge can be implemented in practice.


What counts as CPD?

ADC recommends all Members keep Supervisors up to date with ADC Safety alerts, Information Notes, Guidance Documents & Newsletters.

Company CPD is also accepted.  These are accepted from Full ADC Members where it has been provided by the appropriate person within the organisation.  The relevant person within the organisation should advise ADC of company CPD’s completed providing a list of the Supervisors names and Supervisor numbers.

For questions and advice about CPD requirements and how to fulfil them:


0333 121 5474

[email protected]


Complete your Annual CPD