Client Advice

Client Advice


ADC Client advisers guide clients through the process of engaging diving contractors, helping to provide awareness of what they should be aware of.


Diving is a potentially hazardous activity in any environment.


Not withstanding the above statement, when a good level of planning and  preparation are applied and strict controls implemented to supplement the information and procedures set out at the planning stage,  the risks can be mitigated and the majority of underwater activity  can  be completed safely,  successfully and economically.


“Every person who to any extent is responsible for, has control over or is engaged in a diving project or whose acts and omissions could adversely affect the health and safety of persons engaged in such a project, shall take such measures as is reasonable for a person in his/her position to take, to ensure that these regulations are complied with.”


Hiring of Diving Contractors


Clients responsibilities

As a client/employer are you aware of what your responsibilities are when engaging Diving Contractors?


Our Client briefings seek to help clients understand what their responsibities are.


For further information on the hiring of Professional Diving Contractors

contact the ADC Secretariat.