About Us

About Us

ADC is a trade association representing the Inland/Inshore Diving Industry Sector.  We provide services to our Members / ADC Supervisors and the diving Industry.

The Association represents one of the most diverse sections of the UK diving industry where members work within the 12 miles waterline around the coast of the UK and Eire territorial waters as well as all Inland waterways including lochs, dams, docks, marinas, culverts, canals, ports, harbours, rivers, ponds, reservoirs, power stations, naval base, tanks and swimming pools located around the shores of Great Britain and Northern/Southern Ireland.

Our Members are made up of diving contractors working Inland/Inshore in the UK & Ireland and suppliers and support companies who have involvement in diving or marine works in the UK or overseas.

Our Members work in what is probably the most diverse sector of the various work areas covered by Diving at work regulations 1997 and its approrpiate codes of practice.


Find a list of the member companies ADC represents.


Users are welcome to find relevant diving contractors, however, it is a violation of ADC’s copyright to transcribe the ADC membership data for purpose of direct mailing, e-broadcasts or other marketing purposes not expressly approved by ADC.