A Diver is working in 5m of water on a quay wall and you lose communication should you?

You are required to oversee the lifting in of an object to a diver with a lifting davit.

What regulation would be applicable to that operation?

What is the HSE Regulation period for LP/HP Compressor air purity test.

A dive is to be carried out on a vessel at berth within a dock, the nature of the dive is to check/clear the propeller from suspected fouling. What should the diving supervisor ensure as a minimum from the vessel prior to the diver entering the water?

You arrive at a dive site on a reservoir, the works are to carry out an inspection on a lower draw down valve, there are many considerations to take into account prior to diving, which of the below are relevant?

What is the “minimum” number of gas supplies required for an inshore air diving panel?

What is the “minimum“ team size required under the Inshore ACoP to have two divers working underwater at the same time?

A diving contractor is planning a diving operation in a remote location using “no decompression” diving techniques at a depth of between 12msw and 15msw. As part of the Risk Assessment, what are the requirements for compression chamber support?

A diving contractor has indicated that a third party shore based recompression chamber will be used in the event of a diving emergency. What must they provide with this?

Which of the following best describes what a diving related risk assessment should cover?