You are working for a client in a harbour. The Harbourmaster approaches you and asks for help to dive on a car which joyriders dumped in the harbour last night. Your client says he is happy to let you do this work and he will continue to sign the timesheet as though you were working for him. Which one of the following must you do before carrying out this new work.:

It is a hot day and your standby diver is very obviously getting too hot sitting fully kitted up out in the sun. What is the best course of action for you to take:

An HSE Inspector arrives at your dive site. After he has looked around he comes up to you and asks to see various documents. Which one of the following is he NOT really entitled to see:

When you are setting up a diving site you have a number of different places that you can site the compressor. Which of the following should be your most important consideration:

A new dive site is on a river quarter of a mile down from a Hydro dam. What should you do?

What is the primary function of the mushroom valve in the oronasal of a Kirby Morgan mask/helmet:

You are supervising an air dive to 11 msw using surface supplied equipment and, whilst the diver is in the middle of a complex task, the tender reports the umbilical appears to be fouled. Which one of the following is the correct course of action:

You are supervising an air dive at 30 msw on the bottom and, when you take depth readings on the pneumo, you keep getting 37 msw as the reading, although the tender confirms that only 32 metres of umbilical is paid out. What should you do:

Which one of the following is the correct procedure for checking the non-return valve on the bandmask or helmet immediately prior to a dive:

Which one of the following is the maximum DC voltage which can be used safely underwater without protective electrical devices: