Diver Medic Technician certificates issued after the 1st July 2013 are valid for?

The Second Edition ACoP requires a minimum number of people to be qualified in First Aid. Which one of these is it?

Which one of the following items MUST be written down in the diving operation record for each dive undertaken?

The dive has been planned by the contractor and approved by the client. The various documents are issued to the supervisor – who has been hired in specifically for this task – shortly before the dive is due to commence, he briefly reviews the content and identifies some matters over which he is concerned. WHAT Should the supervisor Do?

What is the maximum depth at which compressed air can be used for breathing, according to the ACoP (Second Edition)

First Aid certificates are normally valid for a maximum period of?

Which one of the following MUST a diving supervisor have in his possession at all times while working in order to comply with the regulations?

The Diving at Work Regulations 1997 and appropriate ACoP are not the only regulations which may be applicable while diving inshore. Which one of the following may also apply?

Divers are required to possess an HSE approved qualification. To air dive inshore to 35 metres which of the following qualification / Certificate is NOT acceptable?

The regulations define who the diving contractor is. Is it?