ADC Supervisor Exam

Thank you for logging in - you are almost ready to begin your scheduled Supervisors Exam. In order to proceed you will need to be aware of the following points: (Read this whole page before making the skype call)

  1. You will need to use a desktop computer or laptop to take the exam
  2. You will need to have skype installed on your computer - Skype is available here.
  3. You will need to be logged into your skype account.
  4. You will need a webcam that will provide an image similar to that shown in the guide that you signed prior to receiving the access codes.
  5. You must remain in view at all times. Any movement that results in you being out of the camera may result in a failure being confirmed.
  6. You will need to have a stable broadband connection. Should the signal be lost or the image deteriorate to a pixelated view at any time, a failure may be confirmed by the Secretary.
  7. You must NOT close your internet browser during the exam, or this will end your exam in failure.
  8. You must NOT click the back button in an effort to attempt to change your answer. This may corrupt the exam and will result in a failure.
  9. You must NOT click the refresh button in your browser during the exam, this action will result in a failure.

When you are ready to proceed and start the exam you should make a skype call to establish connection with the Secretary. The Skype Account name you should ring is: adc-uk-secretary

Once skype is answered by the Secretary it will be voice only from his end, you camera and voice should remain active.

Once the Secretary has confirmed your identity, is satisfied that the image and setting are acceptable, and that you do not have aids on the desk, other than the permitted calculator and blank piece of paper, the exam will be activated and a button will appear allowing you to start.

During the exam the Secretary will deactivate his voice facility but will continue to monitor both the video and sound from your end.

The time allowed starts when the Secretary activates the exam, the clock shown on the screen is just a prompt and should not be taken as being exactly in sync with the event logs. (A maximum of 60 minutes is permitted).

On Completion of the Exam: Stay on line and advise the Secretary that you have finished.

The Secretary will complete a review of the exam paper, check that the event records are in place and advise a Pass or Fail status to you.

You should then log off when instructed.

*Remember* - Using the back/forward/refresh buttons or closing your browser once your exam has begun will likely result in failure.

You have not been given access to start this exam yet.