ADC Guidance Note 8/97 – Minimum specification for Surface Compression Chambers for use Inland/Inshore in the UK in the context of the 1998 Diving at Work Regulations and the accompanying Inland/Inshore ACoP.

Diving Contractors involved in Carrying out Lifting Operations

Deck Decompression Chamber Operation (DDC)

Design, Layout and Operation of Air Diving Control Panels for use on Inland / Inshore Diving Sites

Diver Access and Egress Arrangements Including the Use of ladders for Diver Entry and Recovery

USN Decompression Tables Rev 6

Noise Exposure of Commercial Divers Guidance on Mitigation Measures

Identification, Assessment and Control of Differential Pressure Hazards

Diving From, On or In Close Proximity to Merchant Vessels Protocol for Isolating Machinery Systems