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Association Of Diving Contractors UK The Association represents diving contractors who are involved with inland or inshore diving operations in the UK and Ireland
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The Association of Diving Contractors (ADC) is the trading name of UK ADC Ltd, the industry body representing diving contractors working Inland /Inshore in the UK and Ireland that constantly seeks to:
  • Actively cultivate and promote the art and science of commercial diving within the context of the activities of its members;
  • Establish uniform safe standards and operating practices;
  • Encourage industry wide observation of such standards and operating practices;
  • Encourage the enactment and enforcement of appropriate laws for the protection and regulation of the business of commercial diving;
  • Do any such other things as considered by the membership or management committee of ADC to be in the interest of this industry sector;
ADC represents members working in what is probably the most diverse sector of the various work areas covered by Diving at Work Regulations 1997 and its appropriate Approved Codes of Practice.

With a membership that extends from the very smallest diving contractors working in swimming pools, rivers, lakes and harbours to those working in the outer most reaches of UK coastal waters in depths varying from less than 1m to a maximum of 50m. The sheer range and variety of activities carried out in this sector are almost as wide as some river estuaries where work takes place. The objective of this website is to introduce interested parties to the full scope of activities carried out by the Association.

Join The ADC
UK ADC Ltd seeks to actively promote the common interests of diving contractors and others associated with commercial diving, as well as seeking improvements in health, safety, environmental and technical standards through various means including publication of guidance notes, the issuing of safety alerts and keeping members appraised of regulatory developments.

ADC will continue to provide regular information and safety notes that will be distributed exclusively by E Mail. All other contact with existing and prospective members will primarily be E Mail.

The Association will seek to promote industry best practice by developing and distributing guidance documents based on members experience.

Efforts to extend the membership to more organisations involved in Inland / Inshore diving activity will continue with presentations to client bodies and other third party organisations.

UK ADC Ltd will assist with advising those involved in the industry but not part of the Association, that membership of a recognised trade association can be advantageous to their business in that it defines the standard to which a company operates, in addition to the benefits it receives byway of support services and documentation. The Association will actively promote the specialist insurance scheme for Inland / Inshore Diving companies operated by The Underwriting Exchange.

Copies of the Monthly Update that will be distributed to all Members in addition to the ADC Newsletter that is circulated to members three times per year.

Become A Supervisor
The ADC Supervisors Scheme was set up by the Association on behalf of industry in 2000, as an action to promote a broader understanding of the importance of the role of the Diving Supervisor and to assist with the ongoing development of Supervisors.

It remains a prime objective of the scheme that it must not make it unreasonably difficult for good, competent, experienced personnel to enter the scheme and obtain an ADC Diving Supervisor Scheme Certificate.

Equally for the certificates to be seen by industry and client groups as a meaningful indication of competence, they must not be easy to obtain by personnel who do not have the necessary aptitudes for the task of Diving Operation Supervision.

It is recognised that this is a difficult balance to strike and so the following method of operation is designed in an effort to achieve this aim whilst seeking to ensure the ongoing competence of certificated Supervisors.

What is the Purpose of an Association?
Trade Associations exist where like minded companies, operating in a particular industry sector, group together in an effort to promote the common interests they may have in respect to improving their own work environment and that of all others working in the same sector areas.

Particular focus is placed on achieving that ever so elusive 'level playing field' across the sector, as well as seeking to set common standards, achieve improvements in health and safety performance, technical matters or quality and more recently in properly considering the environmental impact of works being carried out by the Members.

The Association seeks to achieve its objectives by promoting the industry sector to various interested parties, by the development and publication of guidance documents. Wider circulation is achieved by distributing a variety of Information Notes, Safety Alerts and various Codes of Practice to build on that required by or set out in Government Regulations.

Our periodic Newsletters and regular Month Updates are powerful ways to keep members and others up to date, as well as promoting not only the general industry sector but it is also an opportunity to focus on a particular companies activities within the Association, who, from time to time work to standards or make achievements well in excess of that which could be considered as being "Best Practice".
Contact US The Association always likes to hear from its Members and others. To Contact UK ADC Ltd please use the contact details listed below.

2017 ADC-UK Email Secretary

Tel: 0333 121 5474

Postal: PO Box 3138, Reading, Berkshire UK RG1 9FN

Tel: 0333 121 5474     Email: secretary@adc-uk.info